Exploratory Testing and BugHunting: how does it fit to DevOps?

  • 40 мин

Last year at SQADays #23, in Minsk, I presented Bug Hunting in the Boot Camp, with a lot of interest, so I decided to share the main steps of my 5 years journey on BugHunting.

The presentation is sharing a case study on how to excel in exploratory testing, and how to make bug hunting events a crucial part of the life of a test team. Additionally i will share how this concept fits into Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps, how it can be embedded, and how it helps to achieve the goals of these.

During the presentation you will learn:

·        The exact steps of organizing Bug Hunting events, the needed preparation, how to run the event, and all post event activities (a certificate template included)

·        Learning a way how to teach testers on creating Exploratory Testing cases, using Story Cubes

·        Set of benchmarking result to convince management to use BugHunting

·        A way to align the technique with Quality Management requirements, Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps

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