Work&Play: holding the game on the project

  • 40 min

This is a continuation of the talk "Astrologers proclaim the year of gamification. Our first game for increasing of motivation for project team" and the completion of a series of talks on the features of the use of gamification on projects.

This time we will consider in more detail the process of the game and the results obtained. Using examples from our game, I will tell you about balancing of game components in the workflow. 

You will learn: 

  • how to start the game and do not fall out of the race; 
  • how to manage the game in unforeseen situations and how to evaluate its effectiveness; 
  • how the game influenced our project and each individually; 
  • how the tester became the Guardian of the game :)

In addition, I will talk about how else you can use gamification, and when it is better not to use it at all. 

The talk will be interesting to everyone who is tired of the routine and is looking for new ways to interact within the team.

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