7 ways to step up as a leader

  • 40 min

We often expect our teams to have great leaders, but not so many of us have the courage and confidence to try it on their own. Some of us feel a lack of experience and practices to be effective as a leader. However, each team has to have someone to represent the tests outside. We do not have to always wait for a test manager or someone else to do it.

My goal is to encourage You to have the bravery to break rules and disagree when everyone else agrees. To raise the awareness around testing and lead the project and Your team in effective delivery. We will build the empowerment for You to present unconventional outlooks.

Key takeaways:

  1. Keep open minds for growing as a tester.
  2. Effective meetings with emotions control.
  3. How to start and continue open conversations.
  4. Building self-confidence as a leader.
  5. Effective learning.
  6. Rule and constrains challenging approach.
  7. Being a leader.
  8. Be effective as a team member.
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