Continuous Delivery and Automation

  • 40 min

As companies aim to achieve the Industrialization of Release pipeline for faster delivery, I want to take you through our Continuous Delivery journey at Dashlane. Importance of continuous QA and Automation at various stages of the release pipeline. How to achieve better stabilization of your release pipeline by avoiding common mistakes by adopting simple measures. 

Below is the agenda of the talk.

  • Continuous integration 
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Release pipeline and associated QA process
  • Challenges we faced while achieving Continuous Delivery
  • Recommendations based on our experience
  • Automation tech stack used to achieve CD
  • User acceptance testing
  • Achieving Continuous Deployment


  • Understand the continuous delivery and deployment from QA and Automation perspective
  • How to stabilize your release pipeline by avoiding common mistakes 
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