Consensus-based techniques as secret for effective entry & exit criteria

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No matter you are working in agile or waterfall projects, entry & exit criteria -and even acceptance criteria- are a crucial part of our test strategy. These criteria define the conditions to be met before we start testing or before deciding to go to the next phase.
In our goal to make them as objective as possible, testers often lose themselves in defining too long lists with entry & exit criteria.

In such case, criteria are often ignored and minimized by stakeholders, which leads to a lot of frustration at tester's side.

How can we change this and come up with a set of effective criteria? Consensus-based approaches are definitely the way forward. This presentation highlights some consensus-based techniques with an origin in the agile context. But if you adopt them slightly to a testing context, we can use them to get effective criteria. Illustrated with concrete examples, the audience will get the handles to apply them in their own context.

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