Future Ready Modular Test Code Architecture

  • 40 min

Test automation has changed from a hot-topic to something that is highly and widely present in our day to day lives in Software Development, and in a DevOps context, mastering it is an absolute mandatory requirement. 

Many QAs prefer the flexibility of a self-built automation tool, based on the many existing frameworks out there (selenium, protractor, webdriver.io, cypress, to name a few) which evolve in the fast rhythm of software development frameworks (angular, vue, react, etc). From this perspective Test As Code brings a lot of advantages, but also brings with it a lot of challenges, especially when test automation scripts, business and automation logic and automation technology are coupled together, making Automation hard to maintain, change or to improve its technology.  QAs need to be ready to architect a Test Automation Solution that is ready to take advantage of new things brought by future technologies or approaches, at a minimal cost, this being the aim of the presentation.

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