Selenide? Katalon? Cypress? Who is the future Selenium killer?

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  • 40 min

Selenium is the most popular web automation tool. Jobs, trainings, discussions on forums and in chat rooms, everything confirms  this. Yes, it's the most popular tool. Yet. But for how long? After all, it's full of flaws and competitors are actively exploiting them. They're assailing Selenium from all directions. Selenide lets you write more compact code, Katalon provides a sophisticated development environment, Cypress works many times faster and is integrated more tightly with the browser. Which of them will throw Selenium off the throne and when will it happen? Will Selenium be able to withstand these attacks? And is it necessary to resist, maybe the Moor has done his duty and the Moor can go? Predicting the future is ungrateful business ... but let's try anyway :)

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