Three hats of quality: a tale about how different people see quality in companies from small to big, and what to do to always win

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  • 40 min

The long long time ago, the speaker ventured on an epic journey to find the answer to one very important question: 

  • “What is quality?”

Over a dozen winters later, after having crossed countries and continents, having fought many battles and acquired a lot of precious artefacts (like the CPO hat), he finally has the answer, and it’s not a simple one.

In his talk, Ilya will discuss how people of different roles look at the quality, what they really care about, and how that changes when you cross from the startup kingdom to the enterprise realm. Which turns are safe to take any time, and which potholes to avoid. Who to make friends with, and who will remain your eternal foe. Pretty much everything you need to know to always win the battle of good. 

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