Parallel of Rally Dakar and Agile - rediscover of DoR & DoD

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One of my favorite movies is the Fast and Furious series. Speed, adrenalin, no rules, just fun. Is there any parallel to software development? Today’s world is Agile and Agile means fast. However, fast should not be furious. What about Rally Dakar? One of the hardest racing event every year. If you want to succeed you have to respect and follow a lot of rules, strategies and you have to be brave and skilled. In my opinion, there are no best practices in Agile. However, there are plenty of ideas proved to be good to do in a given context. Definitions of Ready and Done are principles you should adopt regardless of the methodology you follow. A different point of view is always helpful and that is why I would like to explain these approaches on Rally Dakar and compare Agile Software Development with Racing to show you how ridiculous are some of our opinions, ideas, and compromises we are willing to do every day.

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