Groovy API-Testing with Spock

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  • 40 min

With faster development cycles, testing on the API / REST level becomes an important tool in each testers toolbox.

With a lot of applications following the microservice architecture, a good understanding of API testing is even more important.

An API as such can be very complex, so it is beneficial to have a testing framework, which is light-weight in its setup and comparably easy to use.

Just consider the technical overhead in creating a simple JSON, when using Java.

In comparison, Groovy makes it even fun, that’s how easy it is to use.

In this talk I will practically demonstrate, how one can test a REST-API with Groovy and Spock.

Attendees will learn how to setup a new test project from scratch, how to create the first tests and how the reporting looks like. 

We also have a look at how to implement a proper architecture, so that the tests stay maintainable and useful.

During this talk I will explain the advantages of using Groovy with Spock compared to plain Java Frameworks like Rest-Assured.

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