Forget about Selenium. May the JDI Light force be with you

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A long time ago was developed Selenium. We love this framework but times, they are a changin. IT Industry not stay on the same place. 

Let me introduce you to the new modern Test Automation framework JDI Light! 

JDI Light has all base and extended features (like zoom, dragNdrop, scroll etc.) of Selenium in a simple interface. But works faster, much more stable and log all your actions in user readable format. So you can always send text of executed tests to non-technical guy like Client, Manual QA or Analyst. You will like this and a lot of other powerful features in JDI Light. Join the new era of Test Automation

And as the bonus I want to show you unique tool that helps Test Automation engineers generate PageObjects for site in one click and keep them always in actual state


May the JDI force be with you. Let change the world of test automation together

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