Self-determination: What I want from life and my work

  • 40 min

The modern world assumes that a human seeks an image of his future and independently builds a path to it. Standard career ladders are irrelevant, the rapid development of technology requires changing specializations and mastering new things. And, unlike in the past, work becomes not just a source of income, but also an activity of professional development, which gives drive, self-realization, energy, and happiness. A person should be active, serve as a driver of his own changes and make choices rather than handing over control of his life to others. The events of this spring have greatly raised the urgency of the topic, including the solution of internal conflicts of value: geopolitics has begun to influence professional self-determination much more actively. 

In the talk, there will be approaches and schemes that allow technologically solving the problems of building an image of the future and your trajectory of movement.

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