Put your TestOps shoes on! Improving quality by process automation

  • 40 min

Automate everything! That’s the most suitable description of DevOps culture. The culture quickly created job positions with the same name. Position, mainly focused on broadly defined automation, leading to fast product delivery. And the division was pretty simple: DevOps = Process automation, QA = Test automation. But is it the right approach? What about (still more and more) famous “(Dev)TestOps” term?

Classical testers are now also very often responsible for setting up and maintaining the major part of the Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery environment (especially the test automation part). 

The main problem from the business perspective is, like always, time! E.g. many start-ups and companies in a phase of early, dynamic growth cannot afford to waste too much time on test automation. 

How to speed up the delivery process in that case? How to quickly generate a valuable increment?

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