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SQA Days EU / 1
I European Conference of Software Quality Assurance «Software Quality Assurance Days. EU Branch»

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22-23 March 2019. Riga
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    October 25-26, 2024
    Moscow, Russia
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    November 22-23, 2024
    Moscow, Russia
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    March 28-29, 2025
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • About the conference

    SQA Days-1. European Branch

    The 1st European Conference «Software Quality Assurance Days. European Branch» will hold on March 22-23, 2019 in Riga, Latvia.

    We invite you to attend the 1st European Conference of Software Quality Assurance - SQA Days European Branch.

    This conference is a supplement to the well-known SQA Days conference, incorporating all the achievements and many years of experience.

    The conference, as always, will cover a wide range of professional issues related to quality assurance, including the key ones:

    • Techniques and Tools of Software Testing;
    • Automation of Software Testing;
    • Preparation, Training and Management of Test Teams;
    • Quality Assurance Processes in the Company;
    • Test management and outsourcing;
    • Improving Testing Processes and Innovations.

    What is SQA Days?

    For many experts and managers «Software Quality Assurance Days» is an excellent possibility to declare itself, and also to prepare high-quality experts who will raise software quality and by that will strengthen competitive positions and create advantages. SQA Days is a fine platform of dialogue and share of experience for the people involved in the sphere of software testing. Leading experts will be able to tell about the achievements, show how to use different testing tools, techniques and methodologies effectively. For the beginners, it is a good chance to get new useful acquaintances in the professional environment.
    The conference is devoted to the questions concerning testing and software quality assurance:

    • functional testing;
    • integration testing;
    • performance testing;
    • automation of testing and tools;
    • configuration testing;
    • usability testing;
    • security testing;
    • static methods of quality assurance;
    • introduction of testing processes at the enterprise;
    • management of software quality assurance processes;
    • management of testers and quality assurance engineers team;
    • testing outsourcing;
    • testing of system applications (not Web), games and mobile applications testing;
    • project team motivation and certification of software quality assurance experts.

    Why should I participate?

    • Communication. For two days of hard work with colleagues, you can find new variants of problems solutions facing you and your company.
    • Experience. You can get acquainted with the best experts and personally discuss details interesting you with independent experts and representatives of the leading IT Companies.
    • Lobby. The informal dialogue will allow you to receive the information about efficiency and expediency of concrete solutions which your company plans to use.
    • Discussions. Participating in roundtables and discussions, you can look at aspects of quality from the different sides, opening new possibilities of efficient construction of your work.
    • Contacts. New acquaintances will help you to take advantage of a wide experience of the best experts in the sphere of quality assurance.
    • Training. Unique possibility of training and participation in master classes will allow you to raise the quality of your work.
    • Change of environment. Work in new conditions will allow you to have a fresh outlook on problems of quality and as much as possible effectively investment of your time in the company's development.
    • WiFi. Fast internet will allow you to perform productive tasks while listening to the report.
    • Privacy Policy. We do not provide any contact details of participants. Therefore you will not get "chain letters" with a job offer except if you leave the contacts to a partner of the conference yourself.

    For your convenience, we created a letter template for your boss with an explanation of participation in the conference.
    TEMPLATE (Word)

    Why should Companies participate?

    SQA Days is the Number 1 Conference in the CIS and one of the major events in Eastern Europe devoted to testing and software quality assurance. Every time we invite renowned experts of international class as keynote speakers.
    The Conference has a significant professional impact. Everybody has the opportunity to become familiar with the proceedings of the conference, to discuss interesting issues, to offer their vision of problematic situations. The Conference is not finished with the official part. All discussions are continued offline until the next event.

    Partners of past events: Wargaming, Microsoft, Badoo, Borland, T-Systems, Deutsche Bank, iSQI, GASQ, Helios IT, Hewlett Packard, Microfocus, ExactPro Systems, Wargaming, CustIS, Wix, Innova, Metaquotes Software, Global Logic, Parasoft, JetBrains, EPAM Systems, Exigen Services, EMC, Fujitsu, Ministry of Informatics and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan, T-Systems, Yota, Testuff, etc.

    By becoming a partner of SQA Days, your company obtains the opportunity to express itself, as well as tell about services, products, research results, before an audience of professionals. This is an opportunity to see the most active participants and invite them to a discussion. We strive to integrate our partners into the conference to meet all their requirements. 
    Status of the partner of such conference as SQA Days is a testament to the highest levels of the company which is not indifferent to issues of improving the competitiveness of products by introducing innovative software quality assurance approaches.

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